Anime-Expo 2013 (Video inside)

Hello Everyone!

Sorry I disappeared for a while, I’ve been so busy lately!

I attended Anime-Expo (AX) this past weekend and had a blast! I took a bajillion pictures and recorded a few moments of the event. I spent most of my time hanging with cosplayers so every time I woke up in the hotel, I had no idea who was who because everyone was dressed up! It was so fun, sort of like my dreams were real life and real life was a dream.. if that makes sense hahahaha.

I also saw DBSK for free! They walked past me a few times and I managed to get a close up pic of Changmin (Max) which I posted on my Instagram. Still feels weird that there’s only 2 of them performing under the same name but it was still entertaining. Yunho fell and it looked like it hurt, hopefully he’s all better now.

I spent most of my time with the awesome cosplayer Yukina. Like her page, she’s adorable! Here’s a vid I made, enjoy =D